About My Practice

I hope you are having a pleasant experiencing searching for a therapist to work with. It takes a lot of work and courage to search for a match.

Let me share with you a little bit about my practice so that you can learn more about my approach and services. 

I am a licensed psychotherapist and have been working in San Francisco and the Peninsula area for the last 16 years. I specialize in working with children, adolescents and adult individuals who are dealing with a wide range of issues, including social anxiety, specific phobias, trauma and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Every individual I work with has a unique set of needs; I focus on utilizing my training and deep experience in Cognitive Behavioral techniques and Object Relations orientations to provide the guidance needed for growth and personal betterment. 

My experience includes work in the mental health field at numerous organizations, and in different levels of care, at organizations such as UCSF Langley Porter, the Jewish Family Children Services, San Francisco General Hospital, and San Francisco City and County outpatient mental health. I also have expertise in working with adolescents in private school settings as school counselor and consultant.

In addition, I am a certified private custody mediator and am available to perform custody evaluations, mediation, co-parenting counseling and reunification therapy.

In my practice, I combine therapeutic techniques with compassion, mindfulness, and a sense of humor that is customized for each client. I believe that every therapeutic relationship is sacred and unique.


Last but not least, I have a very special assistant who provides dog therapy. Her name is Mochi and she is a trained therapy dog! She works with children and adolescents in therapeutic settings and is loved by everyone.

Mochi Chowberger